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Chapter One— Twins of Luciffis

It was an era where chaos still ravaged…the four spirits were in harmony and granted protection to the universe. Spell casters handed down the power and techniques. Wind, water, fire and earth. People called them ‘the elements’.


There were people who had the power to hear the spirits’ voices. These same powers were given to those of a certain lineage, unbeknownst to them at birth…the power to govern the ‘Darkness Rage’…


The story begins at a fortune teller’s shop. A young girl named Mattie explains that she is looking for her brother, who had wandered away before reaching town and hadn’t met up with her as promised, which led to her entering the shop. The fortune teller- a young looking woman with spectacles- says that she’ll tell the girl her fortune, but only if she has money to pay.

Mattie does not have money, but wonders if the black crystal she is carrying would cover the cost. The fortune teller notes that it’s extremely rare, asking why she would have something like this. Mattie replies that it’s a very precious possession, but since her brother still hasn’t returned, she’s willing to part with it. The fortune teller accepts the crystal and begins to give a reading. She tells Mattie that she senses an aura very similar to hers nearby- but she also mentions that there is someone else looking for her, and that this person is very close. The girl is alarmed by this, and rushes outside with the fortune teller following after.

It is revealed that Mattie is being chased by a group of hooded men, who spot her trying to flee and chase after her. The fortune teller attempts to intercept them to ask about the situation, but is quickly shoved aside.

The scene cuts back to Mattie, who appears to be doing well with escaping only to have the ground at her feet be struck by a spell, knocking her to the ground. Her pursuers approach her, commenting on how difficult is was to find them, and that they should give up on running.

Mattie is cornered, but then one of the men is attacked from behind. A boy jumps at them from above, landing in front of Mattie. It is her twin brother Rudius, who apologizes for being late before turning back to the ones trying to capture them. They exchange a few words before Rudius prepares to fight them. A scream cuts through the air, startling both parties.

The source of the noise is the fortune teller woman, who screams again to attract attention. The hooded men rush from the scene, and after a moment of stunned silence, the twins head out of town. The fortune teller follows after them, pestering the two for information on their circumstances. She introduces herself, stating that her name is Kishiru Mishiru.

Finally, the twins tell her a little of what she wants to know. The hooded men were chasing them so they could take them to the Luciffis, a secret group of spell casters that does not reside in the Shihou Reijukai (the official spell casters’ organization, where people with the power to control the elements may learn these techniques and practice them accordingly). The fortune teller hasn’t heard of such a thing, and asks why they would want the twins.

Before they can give her an answer, ghostly lights fill the air and the hooded men reappear. By now the trio are well out of town, and there is nothing from keeping the men from attacking Rudius and Mattie full-force. The leader of the group uses a powerful soul spell against them, and from the sidelines, Kishiru fears for the twins’ safety. The light of the spell fades and reveals that Rudius had managed to erect a barrier to protect him and his sister. The boy is strained, but when the henchman performs the spell again he manages to cast an offensive spell of his own to fight back. Rudius’ opponent is impressed with his advanced skills, but defeats him none the less. As Rudius lies on the ground, he tells Mattie to stop what she’s doing.

Mattie finishes her spell, summoning a powerful spirit creature named the Black Dragon Guardian to do her bidding. The pursuers are easily blown away, and Mattie collapses as the dust fades. Rudius- who was shielded by Kishiru during the explosion- rushes to his sister’s side. Mattie says that she’s alright, because no matter what, they’ll always be together.

As the wind blows through the night air ominously, Kishiru looks on at the scene while wondering what secrets the twins share.